Custom Kitchen Design: The Benefits of Custom Designed Kitchen Cabinets

A custom designed kitchen is one of the best investments you can make for your home. There are so many benefits of having a custom kitchen design created specific to your needs, from the quality and longevity of your new kitchen to the actual kitchen design experience itself.

Long Lasting Quality

Custom kitchens will be built using top quality materials. This is the kitchen that WILL potentially last you for the next 20 years. This kitchen is the stuff your culinary dreams are made of!

The key to nailing a long lasting, top quality custom kitchen design is to work closely with your kitchen designer or builder to take advantage of their experience and knowledge of not only the design process but also of the various modern materials and finishes available to you.

You will want to discuss all the various options in terms of materials, kitchen colours and finishes with your kitchen designer or builder: they will be able to advise on which products will meet your expectations and which to avoid! This is another factor that will affect the quality of the finished product so make sure to seek expert advice and perform your own research too for the very best outcome.

Caesarstone Kitchen Benchtop_Empira White_Custom Kitchen Design Options
Caesarstone is a brand of luxurious kitchen benchtop solutions offering a vast range of colours, patterns and textures to choose from. Your Kitchen Designer will recommend the very best design and kitchen colour solutions that will best fit your needs, preferences and renovation budget.

Top brands for kitchen products (such as Laminex and Caesarstone for example) are renowned for producing high quality finishes and are an excellent place to start your research when investigating different options. There are of course, many other excellent alternatives and options available to achieve the exact look, feel and quality standard in your new custom kitchen design scheme which you can discuss with your designer for their best advice and recommendations.

Optimal Use of Space

Off-the-shelf and semi-custom kitchen cabinets are always excellent options however, a completely custom designed and built kitchen is created specifically for your space and your individual preferences. Every nook and cranny available is used to its maximum potential which in turn allows you maximum kitchen storage space, optimal use of the space and an overall better quality kitchen design that will meet all of your expectations.

A Custom Kitchen Design is Created to Suit You

Perhaps one of the very best points in favour of a custom kitchen is that everything is designed specifically to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Anything you can dream of is possible! Need a built in breakfast nook that cleverly conceals storage? Done! Dreaming of a fabulously large walk in pantry with customised fittings to suit your cooking style? That can be done too!

Don’t be afraid to discuss your ideas with your kitchen designer or builder, as wild as they may seem – you will be surprised at just what is possible in your custom kitchen design!

Complete Control of Your Custom Kitchen Design

Working closely with you designer or builder, you will find that you do in fact have complete control over your design. As mentioned, a custom designed kitchen is built to suit your needs and wants so why put yourself at the mercy of standard off-the-shelf products that do not offer this sort of flexibility?

Although we love the cost effectiveness of off-the-shelf cabinetry, you WILL have to make compromises in your design. Going for custom designed cabinetry allows you the complete freedom of control over your design.

Laminex Kitchen Cabinets_Custom Kitchen Design
Laminex offers an impressive collection of kitchen cabinetry finishes in a range of textures, colours and patterns from smooth matte options to textured timber grains. These and many other kitchen cabinetry solutions can be explored and experimented with during the process of designing a custom kitchen for your home.

A Great Investment into Your Property

Last but most definitely not least, a custom designed and built kitchen is a HUGE asset, instantly adding value to your property. If you are planning to sell your property, any improvements you make will add to your final sale value. A smart looking, quality custom kitchen will attract the interest of your potential buyers, especially those that are looking for a move-in ready home (a huge market, by the way!).

Of course, when renovating a home to sell you will want to take some time to set a realistic budget for each space on your renovation list and ensure you stick to it to avoid over capitalising. Yes, this can be done with a custom designed and built kitchen!

So there we have it – a custom designed kitchen will not only work for you but WILL last you longer and will also add considerable value to your home while also allowing you complete creative freedom to create the EXACT look, feel and function you are after in the space.