5 Tiny Home Designs that will make you want to downsize IMMEDIATELY!

With these extraordinarily creative homes popping up all over the place, we’ve picked out 5 of our favourite tiny home design ideas to share with you!

Among the factors influencing the Tiny Home movement are a lack of affordable housing as well as a yearning for a more nomadic lifestyle with a low carbon footprint.

We are wanting to get back in touch with nature, ease our reliance on material goods – we simply want to LIVE SIMPLER! Whatever your motivations are, there’s no denying that tiny houses are certainly catching on and they are FABULOUS!

The Denali Tiny Home Design – Timbercraft Tiny Homes

A stunning country style home, The Denali includes all of life’s little luxuries from kitchen servery windows to a breathtaking vaulted ceiling over the kitchen. This tiny home boasts all the clever storage solutions that have become synonymous with the tiny home movement: multi-functional furniture, under bed storage and plenty more!

The Basecamp Tiny Home Design – Backcountry Tiny Homes

The Basecamp combines rustic charm with industrial character in one tiny package. Featuring a fabulous rooftop area to stargaze on, a super comfy looking corner lounge and just checkout that awesome kitchen – those BENCHTOPS! Designed by engineers Tina and Luke Orlando, this tiny home is operational off the grid and comes equipped with all the storage solutions and comforts you could possibly need.

The Monocle – Wind River Tiny Homes

THIS BATHROOM. Enough said…

The Monocle tiny home has one of the most beautiful bathrooms we’ve ever seen! Enjoy the full spa experience, complete with a stunning view, all packed into one tiny, TINY home! A wonderfully streamlined kitchen makes the most of the available space with a very stylish dark timber divider to provide more storage and of course, to act as a division between the living and cooking zones.

The Alpha – New Frontier Tiny Homes

A beautiful clash of vintage and industrial styling, The Alpha is simply oozing luxury! From classic subway tiles in the kitchen (and just have a look at that oversized sink!) to an incredible amount of flexible storage throughout the home, The Alpha truly has it all!

The Ébène – The Minimaliste

Sleek and modern, The Ébène is a true showcase of minimal design and living. Rustic raw timbers create a stunning visual contrast against the crisp whites of this tiny home. Featuring a stylish sliding barn door in the kitchen, ample wall storage and a stunning beamed ceiling through the living area, there is SO MUCH TO LOVE in this tiny house!