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10 Incredible Kitchen Hacks that will change your life!

We've rounded up some of the most practical and functional kitchen storage hacks that'll help make things just that little bit simpler!

Ok, so maybe ‘change your life’ is a bit of stretch but hey, anything that can make life easier and chores QUICKER is pretty awesome!

We’ve rounded up some of the most practical and functional kitchen storage hacks that’ll help make things just that little bit simpler while making the most of the storage in your kitchen.

1 – Never sift through cluttered utensil drawers again!

Mount a corkboard to the inside of your cabinet door to hang small utensils, measuring cups and spoons to save them from floating around on the bottom of your utensil drawers. This is also a great solution for a hidden notice board!

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2 – Create a Kitchen Cleaning Station

Sneak a cleaning station into your kitchen by adding a narrow cupboard at the end of a line of tall cabinets – Genius!

Kitchen utility closet cleaning closet
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3 – Don’t have the space for a cleaning cabinet – No worries!

A handy kitchen caddy can be tucked away in your undersink cupboard to house all your cleaning bits and pieces, making it easy to pick up and carry around the house where needed.

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4 – Keep loose tea bags and sachets organised by using small trays, buckets or containers.

Kool-Aid jokes aside, cost effective containers make for a fantastic way to maximise your storage and keep everything neat and tidy. Use narrow trays in your drawers or cupboards to keep everything within reach – Kmart has a beautiful selection of bamboo trays in heaps of different sizes to suit – click here to view the range!

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5 – Tension rods are incredible things…

Fit your tension rods vertically in a cupboard or shelf to create instant dividers for trays, boards and plates.

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6 – Triple your storage!

Instantly triple the amount of functional storage in your kitchen cupboards or pantry using wire or plastic shelving solutions as pictured in this example. You’ll notice a fair amount of what I like to call ‘dead space’ in cupboards; the shelf holds all your stuff and then there’s just a whole lot of emptiness above it – let’s change all of that!

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7 – I cannot stress this enough: Tension rods are INCREDIBLE things!

Once again, the handy and versatile tension rod comes to our rescue. Fit a rod in your sink cabinet to easily hang up your bottles. This example also makes use of plastic baskets, drawers and buckets to house all the cleaning essentials in a super organised fashion!

Image source

8 – Create a Wall Mounted Kitchen Command Centre

Hang a small chalkboard, whiteboard or corkboard in your kitchen for reminders, to-do lists and shopping lists or calendars. Use wall mounted letter and magazine racks to house letters, bills, school papers and more, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Never forget a bill again!

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9 – Super Pantry Skills…

LOVING this idea – Simple but oh so incredibly effective! Using plastic or mesh baskets, group together items in your pantry to avoid having things get lost at the back of the cupboard. Use labels and create categories that will work best for your needs; for example, snacks for school lunches in one box, canned veggies in another, pasta and rice in the next. Super organised!

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10 – Labels, labels and even MORE labels!

Just checkout these gorgeous labels! Save glass jars from your groceries and after giving them a good wash and peeling off the stickers, smack on a funky label and voila – Beautiful, trendy pantry storage in a jiff!

You’ll find these labels available as a free download at The Painted Hive.

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11 – A BONUS!!!

Not quite an organistion hack but very useful nonetheless.

Maximise the life of your fresh produce and minimise your waste by ensuring correct storage.

This quick guide from The American Heart Association runs through how best to store all your fruit and veggies to make sure they stay delicious and fresh for longer.

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