A Review of Kmart’s Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Recently in the market for a new aroma diffuser for our living room, I did what everybody else does: I jumped online in search for a damn good bargain!

I love using essential oils around the home for just about everything: cleaning, wellbeing, for helping with aches and pains and of course, to make the home smell incredible!

In my online hunt for a decent diffuser, of course I was immediately bombarded with all the lovely online “discount” stores that spam the living hell out of your email inbox. The diffusers available on said sites looked… okay…. But were actually available slightly cheaper on Ebay, soooo…..


Moving my search to Ebay, there were SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Super fancy looking diffusers, diffusers for use in the car (I think I would just get a little too relaxed with a diffuser going off in my car!), fancy-pants timber and glass models – so many to choose from.

After spending an embarrassing amount of time sifting through about 100 different options, I finally saw the light and decided to just checkout Kmart – As always, Kmart delivered. A lovely little aroma diffuser was available for just $20.00! Now THAT’S a bloody bargain!

Excited to have found yet another “reasonable” excuse to visit Kmart, I rushed to the store, grabbed my new diffuser (and some candles, a new bedspread and book because why the hell not – When in Kmart and all…) and went home to get my aromatherapies ON.

Now that the history of my Kmart purchase has been covered, it’s time for the actual review part of this post!

Kmart Aroma Diffuser Review
Kmart’s aromatherapy diffuser is available for just $20! Click here to shop online.

I would rate Kmart’s Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser a solid 4 out 5 and here’s why:

It is a delightful little round shape; simple, white and aesthetically not displeasing. Nothing overly fancy but not offensive to look at either. It looks like your run of the mill aroma diffuser, made of the same sort of smooth white plastic.

It does feature a single white light, with two different strengths so that’s handy to set the mood. I imagine it would also make for an excellent night light for the bedroom!

Controls are very simple, with the usual light and mist buttons available. It does turn off on its own once the water has been used up so that’s a definite plus….

And it works brilliantly!

Now for the down side: Although I have no SERIOUS complaints about it, there are a couple of things that I just find a little bit irritating. I guess I can’t complain considering Kmart’s diffuser is probably the cheapest one you will find anywhere but still…

I found that the screw top lid is actually a little awkward to take on and off – I literally have to pick up the whole diffuser, jam a fingernail between the two sections and pull upwards – Something you very obviously wouldn’t want to do if there is water still in there, so that’s a bit of a nuisance.

Secondly, the maximum water fill line is strangely low. Of course, I’m assuming this is due to the diffuser’s shape however, it means that it doesn’t stay on as long as my other diffusers (yes, plural – My goal is to have one in every room of the house eventually!). That being said, it does stay on for at least 2-3 hours so I am pretty pleased either way. Just a minor inconvenience is all!

All in all, if you are looking for a budget friendly aromatherapy diffuser, you will find exactly what you’re after in Kmart’s Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.

As always, another awesome Kmart win! Click here to checkout this super economical diffuser on Kmart’s online store.


Kmart Ultrasonic Diffuser Review
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