Why I NEED a Hugo Mattress!

If you are anything like me, you may spend just a little too much time researching new purchases to make sure they are EXACTLY the right fit for you. This post is all about my research as to why I am leaning towards a Hugo Sleep Mattress for my next big buy!

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I’ve been experiencing a lot of back pain over the last few years (actually the last decade but I feel better about myself when I downplay it to just a few years…) so I have been after a more supportive mattress after having gone through a fair few of them! After all, we do spend about a third of our lives in BED so it had better be a bloody comfortable bed that will support you like the bestest buddy you never had!

And I think I may have just found it…

I became aware of Hugo Mattresses recently when I saw them floating around online and on Facebook. I have since done a whole HEAP of research and am just waiting for the day our current mattress moves on to Mattress Heaven so I can invest in a lovely new one (that will also help me with my back pain!) If this doesn’t happen soon, I may need to take desperate measures; I WILL slash my current mattress and blame it on the cat, all the while I’ve already ordered my brand new, fancy pants, back supporting, super comfy new Hugo mattress. I may already have one hiding in the closet (it comes delivered to you in a super compact fashion!) ready to whip out at a moment’s notice when hubby starts to question our lack of un-slashed mattress.

And I cannot wait!

Why we love Hugo!

So far, I am extremely impressed with everything I’ve found out about Hugo Mattresses. An Aussie made product (support your local businesses y’all!), Hugo offers a luxury mattress without the price tag, and you all know how much I love a good bargain!

Hugo is all about making things easier for us – How annoying is it shopping for a new mattress? This one is too soft, this one is way too hard, this one just doesn’t feel right… Goldilocks gets it. Hugo’s solution to the often overwhelming mattress buying decision is a uniform mattress design that has been thoroughly researched and tested with expert guidance along the way, to create something that is supportive and comfortable for all body types.

How is the Hugo mattress made?

Hugo Mattresses are made up of four layers: A high-density foam foundation, a transition layer and memory foam, all topped with a layer of natural latex to ensure your new mattress is breathable. This design ensures optimum support and comfort as well as a temperature controlled night of sleep.

hugo mattress review

What do the reviews say?

Ahhh now we reach the good bit! Reviews are all important when making any purchase, especially any ONLINE purchase. You can checkout reviews of Hugo Mattress over at Productreview.com.

hugo mattress review
She looks REALLY happy…

You’ll notice a recurring theme throughout the long list of glowing reviews that promise a Hugo Mattress is money well spent! Customers mention all sorts of things you would normally look for in a new mattress: a comfortable night’s sleep, impeccable back support, a pricetag that won’t break the bank – One reviewer has even mentioned the fact that they and their partner no longer wake each other up during the night when moving or rolling over!

Try before you buy!

Of course, shopping online comes with the one pitfall: trying before you buy is suddenly a little tricky so thankfully, Hugo has come up with a brilliant solution to this key issue which does make me feel a lot more comfortable purchasing a mattress online. They offer a 3 month trial period so if you are unhappy, you are able to easily return the mattress for a refund. Three months is MORE than enough time to test the crap out of this mattress, again making the decision that much easier!

Curious? Well let’s make the deal a little sweeter! Click here & use code: 50discount to receive a whopping $50 OFF your new Hugo Mattress!

hugo mattress review
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