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Onsen Towels: The last bathroom towel you will ever buy!

We reviewed Onsen's bathroom towels and we're extremely impressed with the results!

I’ve been using Onsen’s bathroom towels for several months now and during that time, I’ve tested them in every way possible to see just how durable they really are…

I’ve used Onsen’s fabulous cotton towels every single day for MONTHS – I even wipe down the entire shower with them (they really do buff up the glass shower screen quite well!) They’ve been through a ridiculous amount of dryer cycles (a big no-no for regular bathroom towels as we’ve mentioned in our guide to looking after your bathroom towels!), been used in a pinch to clean up spills on the floor, they’ve cleaned bathroom mirrors and somewhere during all this I also managed to use them as your regular old bathroom towels to dry up with after a shower. It’s fair to say that these towels have seen they’re fair share of use over these last few months!

And after all this? They still look completely brand new.

Ridiculously absorbent, warm and after all my trials, I’ve also come to the conclusion that they’re also virtually indestructible! View the entire Onsen Towel range here.

I spent a small fortune on fancy, overpriced bathroom towels (from an equally as fancy, overpriced department store) when my husband and I first moved into our home. I was told that these “luxury” towels were the last ones I would ever buy, that they could withstand any catastrophe, that “I’ve still got mine from 20 years ago!”. Bull. Sh*t.

Those towels are now my back-up towels. You know the ones, those ugly, beaten up towels that get shoved into the depths of the towel cupboard, all threadbare and stringy. The towels you only ever pull out because your “good ones” are in the dirty clothes basket and you haven’t gotten around to washing them just yet.

The good people over at Onsen Towels promise that their towels actually get fluffier and more absorbent with every wash and dryer cycle (yes, they DO go in the dryer and DO NOT come out with threads hanging around everywhere!). After seeing just how poorly my overpriced pieces of garbage (I am SO MAD at those other towels…) had fared after just one time in the dryer, I was extremely suspicious of this claim so I have run them through SO MANY dryer cycles, it’s ridiculous!

Not a single thread has come loose and the towels ARE in fact, becoming even softer with every use!

Onsen’s towels are made of the finest cotton! Find out more about Supima™ here.

Yes, I am freaking out over just how brilliant these bloody towels are! We are just coming out of Winter here in Melbourne – It’s been stupidly cold here lately so there’s always that fear that sets in when it comes time to finally step out of the shower, back into that bitingly cold frosty morning you left behind. I found these towels to be incredibly warm and just the right size to effectively cover me up like a cosy, super absorbent blanket after getting out of the shower, so that’s been a definite plus this Winter! With all the rain we’ve had, air drying my towels outdoors has been an issue and I am not a fan of setting up the old clothes horse inside the home. Firstly, I don’t have the biggest of spaces and secondly, silly me just keeps bumping into the damn thing, knocking it over and ending up in a tumble of bouncy white metal rods and undies! I’ve made excellent use of my dryer this Winter and these new towels went in every single time.

Not a single loose seam, not a straying thread, not musty smells, not a thing to worry about at all; It seems Onsen’s motto “No more musty towels” is extremely accurate!

As you can see, I am super stoked with my new bathroom towels! A definite 5 star towel that has ended my never ending hunt for the very best bathroom towels!

Onsen Towels are available in a collection of neutral tones that will suit every bathroom colour scheme. International delivery is available – View the range here and don’t forget to use our code: DIAMOND15 for 15% off your order!


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Diamond Interiors received these glorious towels in exchange for an honest review! This post contains affiliate links.

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