Top 6 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

I absolutely love everything about Christmas and am counting down the days until it’s socially acceptable (!) to finally get my Christmas tree out of storage and deck them halls!

When you’re short on space though, it can be quite tricky to squeeze in a traditional tree. This compilation of alternative Christmas trees shows some fabulously unconventional, space saving but still very creative and festive “trees” you can use in your own home to save on space or as a decorative feature to compliment your traditional tree!

Rustic Minimalist Tree

Top 6 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas - Rustic Tree
Branches, a bit of string, some fairy lights and your favourite ornaments – a simple solution for a very stylish tree! Image source

The idea of a minimalist Christmas tree is particularly appealing for smaller homes or for situations where you simply want to add a further decorative feature to a wall over the holidays. Using branches, string, a set of fairy lights and Christmas ornaments, this look is incredibly simple to achieve and can be hung using a self adhesive wall hook (perfect solution for renters short on space!) as the “tree” is light enough to be supported quite easily. Dress your branch tree with a set of twinkle lights and your favourite ornaments to complete the look.

DIY Floating Christmas Tree

Top 6 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas - Hanging Tree
I LOVE this idea! I imagine this floating tree would look incredible over a dining table! Image sourced here and full DIY tutorial here.

THIS! This creative alternative Christmas tree is absolutely magical! I would love to see this style hanging over a dining table – the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas spread that won’t hog up that valuable table space! The floating Christmas tree can be made in any style or length that best suits your home – I would also add a few short strings of twinkle lights to this design to really make it pop!

All lit up!

Top 6 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas - Decorative wall tree
The perfect combination of luxury, romance and  magic! Image source

Another fabulous design for an alternative Christmas tree, this creation uses fairy lights, string and ornaments clustered together to form a beautiful decorative wall piece. Once again, self adhesive hooks are the perfect solution in achieving this look; most Christmas decorations are fairly light so weight shouldn’t be an issue and the hooks themselves provide the perfect solution for winding your string “tree frame” around to create the triangular shape.

Dreamy and Romantic

Top 6 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas - Sheer Curtain
Simple and elegant, this alternative Christmas tree adds a romantic touch to your home. Image sourced on Pinterest

Simple, sleek and stylish! This alternative Christmas tree is such a simple solution but certainly does pack a punch! Hang sheer fabric in a corner and use LED fairy lights to achieve this look; you will also want to add a bit of weight in the bottom of the fabric itself to ensure your tree keeps its shape. I would also add a few little ornaments to this design; either hung on the lights themselves or threaded directly onto the fabric to add a more decorative feel!

Traditional Space Saver

Top 6 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas - Wall Tree
If you would prefer the more traditional look but simply don’t have the space, this is the tree for you! Image source

Although still an alternative tree design, this wall hung solution gives a more traditional vibe to your Christmas decorating scheme. Using tree-filler green tinsel, create the triangular shape of your tree on the wall using command hooks and hang your ornaments as you would with a traditional tree. If you’ve recently downsized your living arrangement and want to find a clever way to upcycle your old tree, this is the perfect idea; Cut up your old tree and fashion the branches into a “wall tree”!

Bookish Christmas Tree

Top 6 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas - Bookish Style
ALL THE BOOKS! Image source

Ahhh, the bookish alternative Christmas tree – every book lover’s dream! Stack your favourite books to form a tree shape, string on a few lights and plonk a star on top – DONE! This super simple idea is perfect for a quick fix and makes for a great conversation starter during your Christmas shin-dig! You could also try experimenting with different coloured and themed books (I’m not sure if anyone has THIS MANY Christmas books just lying around but if you happen to, go right ahead you crazy elf!)

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Top 6 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
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