Laminex Absolute Matte Review: A Game-changer in the kitchen!

Matte laminate kitchen cabinets continue to rise in popularity in homes the world over thanks to their sleek and modern finish. Fingerprints however, are not so popular and that’s where the Laminex Absolute Matte collection comes to the rescue with its groundbreaking anti-fingerprint finish!

Matte kitchen cabinets are a perfect match in all modern kitchen designs, from the contemporary to the more traditional styles. A common issue with matte surfaces however, is fingerprints and other marks being incredibly noticeable, especially in brightly lit spaces. This exciting new product from Laminex promises to change all of that with unique fingerprint resistant technology that will make things much, MUCH easier in the kitchen!

Laminex AbsoluteMatte Panels in Black paired with Laminex Classic Oak. Image

What is Laminex Absolute Matte?

Laminex’s Absolute Matte laminate collection provides the perfect solution to pesky fingerprint dramas with unique anti-fingerprint technology. Offering a soft, velvety matte finish, this laminate product is a cabinetry and benchtop finish that is ideal for high traffic areas, ranging from busy home kitchens to bustling commercial offices and retail environments.

The product can be used for cabinet doors and drawers, as well as a kitchen benchtop finish. Thanks to it’s highly stain, heat and moisture resistant properties, this laminate product is suitable for use in all areas of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, allowing an ultra modern, sleek, matte cabinet design. As with any material, some restrictions do apply, especially when being installed around heat generating appliances such as cooktops for example, which we will delve into a little further in this post.

What to consider when selecting Laminex Absolute Matte surfaces for your home:

As with any material selection for your kitchen renovation, there are a few things to consider prior to making your final selection. As mentioned above, this product is suitable as both a cabinet door finish as well as kitchen benchtop however, it is recommended that it not be installed in an area that will be exposed to prolonged sunlight as this may cause the product to shrink over time and the surface’s colour to fade.

This product is suitable for indoor use only and is not recommended for any outdoor applications, including outdoor Alfresco kitchens.

Laminex Absolute Matte Black Benchtop
Laminex Absolute Matte in Black. Image

When used as a kitchen benchtop, any cutting or chopping should not be performed directly on the surface and the use of a suitable chopping board is recommended. It is also important to keep in mind all laminate kitchen products are created using layers of paper, finished with a protective coating; this means that these products are not fire or heat resistant so any hot pots or trays should always be placed on a trivet or chopping board and not directly on the surface to avoid any potential discolouration or burning.

Although this product is suitable for installation as a benchtop around your hotplate, any cut-outs will need to include suitable heat absorbing tape to assist in avoiding cracks from forming over time. We would strongly advise that installation be performed by a qualified Tradesman to ensure the manufacturer’s guidelines have all been met.

What colours and door profiles are available?

The Absolute Matte collection is available in a select range of colours to suit any style of home, from more contemporary design schemes to more traditional styles. Available in a standard thickness of 18mm, the boards are manufactured in Laminex’s Ballarat plant.

laminex absolute matte colours
10 stunning neutral colours are currently available in the Absolute Matte collection. Each of these choices provides the perfect backdrop for standout features in your kitchen renovation, from luxurious marble benchtops to on trend brass hardware.

As with all laminate cabinetry products, Laminex’s Absolute Matte collection is not available with a detailed door front. Laminated cabinetry doors are only available in a smooth, flat door profile. If you are however, on the hunt for a feature door profile (such as a shaker style cabinet door for example) your options include: Vinyl Wrap, Two Pack or Solid Timber cabinetry. Weigh up your options with our comparison of laminate and two pack or, if you are considering a feature door profile, our post about the differences between vinyl wrap and two pack will provide all the answers!

How much does Laminex Absolute Matte cost?

Each project is individually quoted by a Cabinet Maker, taking into account the overall size, material selections, hardware selections and final design of your new kitchen and as such, an exact price will be given to you by your Cabinet Maker or Builder. This product is priced higher than standard laminate products however and is usually on par with other mid-range finishes such as vinyl wrap for example.

Laminex Absolute Matte Review: Our final thoughts

As far as laminate kitchen cabinets go, the Laminex Absolute Matte range is a definite game changer! Traditional matte finish laminate products are a nightmare to maintain: Stubborn fingerprints and marks are often difficult to stay on top of, especially in a busy home kitchen. The Absolute Matte collection however, takes a fair effort to actually show up any marks on the surface at all!

laminex absolute matte white
Absolute Matte panels in White. Image

Using sample swatches ordered directly from Laminex, the only way I managed to actually make a fingerprint on the product’s surface was with very oily and messy fingers, otherwise the laminate stayed fingerprint-free; Very impressive! These marks were incredibly easy to wipe off, unlike the standard matte laminate finishes, which normally require a bit more elbow grease to achieve a streak-free clean.

If you are looking for matte finished kitchen cabinets in an excellent price range, the Absolute Matte range should be right at the top of your list!

Laminex’s Absolute Matte collection possesses out of this world anti-fingerprint technology that is unparalleled in any other completely matte kitchen cabinet finish. Keeping this in mind however, the surface can still be marked; Our tests showed NO visible fingerprints were made with the hand’s natural oils however, as can be expected, if your hands are dirty with cooking oils and the such, then of course, these will show up on the surface. That being said, it is extremely easy to clean up, much easier in fact than with Laminex’s standard matte collection (which is their Natural finish laminate products) making this an excellent (and cost effective!) choice for any home kitchen!

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