5 Timeless Bathroom Design Trends

The best way to ensure a timeless bathroom design with everlasting appeal is to carefully plan your selected materials, finishes and bathroom fittings. The following bathroom renovation trends have already stood the test of time, guaranteeing everlasting appeal in every Australian home.

On average, a bathroom renovation in Australia can cost anywhere between $15,000 – $30,000 depending on the fixtures and finishes included. Being such a great investment into your property, you would expect that the finished outcome will be enjoyed for many years to come without the risk of dating your home’s style.

From black and white interiors to elegant freestanding tubs, let’s have a look at which trends have already proven themselves to be a timeless design decision!

Black and White Timeless Bathroom Design

Black and white colour schemes have long been a favourite in the home, working well within any interior design style. From Art Deco styling to more contemporary schemes, black and white designs always create a sense of drama and elegant, timeless beauty in the home.

Black and white bathroom_timeless bathroom design
A traditionally styled black and white bathroom design with strong Victorian-era vibes, this stylish bathroom takes advantage of a very specific interior design style to ensure it’s timeless beauty. Image

The added bonus of using a black and white colour scheme in your bathroom design is that you can always mix up your decor and accessories as trends change over time. Include bright, bold colourful bathroom pieces, from tumblers to canisters; use tactile textures in your soft furnishings and of course, include a touch of greenery in your new bathroom to create a sense of character and warmth in the space. Your new black and white bathroom creates the perfect backdrop for all your wonderful and unique accessories!

Large Bathroom Tiles

Your chosen bathroom tiles will ultimately dictate the overall style and vibe of your new bathroom design so it is crucial to spend some time researching the best options that will suit your home, lifestyle and budget. As tile manufacturing technologies evolve and grow, larger bathroom tile sizes are now becoming increasingly available, making them an excellent choice for the busy home.

Porcelain bathroom tiles_timeless bathroom design
Create a timeless bathroom design scheme using large format floor or wall tiles for a neat and clean look. Image: Perini Tiles

The biggest benefit of large bathroom tiles is that they will obviously require much less grout, which means much less cleaning! They also have a knack for blending in extremely well in both spacious and smaller bathrooms, provided of course that your selected size remains in proportion with your bathroom’s dimensions. There are an incredible amount of large tile sizes available, from 400 x 800mm rectangles to whopping, jumbo tile sizes that are up to 1400mm in length, so your options are most definitely not limited.

Create a Timeless Bathroom Design with Natural Materials & Colours

Natural materials in the bathroom have always featured heavily in interior design trends, from luxurious marble countertops to rustic timber vanity units and stone bathroom basins, you will find that the unique aesthetic of natural materials provides a truly timeless look that will always be on trend.

spa inspired bathroom design ideas
A spa-inspired bathroom design provides everlasting appeal in its comforting and soothing design aesthetic. Featuring a beautifully rustic recycled timber vanity top, this stylish vanity design was featured on Australia’s The Block.

It should be noted that any natural material used in the home will require some added maintenance to ensure its longevity. Natural stones and timbers for example, will often require a sealant or similar protective coating that will need to be applied immediately after installation and then every couple of years or so after that to keep your bathroom products looking their best.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Another key everlasting trend in the interior design industry, a freestanding bathtub is the epitome of luxury bathroom design. Although freestanding bathtubs work especially well in larger spaces, there are many more compact options that will suit smaller bathrooms, so you can rest assured that there is an option available to suit your design.

wet room design_timeless bathroom design
The perfect choice for a wet room style bathroom design, freestanding bathtubs are available in a huge variety of designs to suit every space, from wall mounted models as shown above, to super compact models for small bathrooms.

With the rise in popularity of freestanding bathtubs, bathware manufacturers have created a diverse collection of options to suit just about every size or shape of bathroom, from wall mounted tubs that offer the illusion of a freestanding bath (suitable for narrow bathroom designs) to more compact, deep tubs, perfect for smaller spaces.

Twin Shower Rails

Providing a wonderfully relaxing bathing experience, twin shower rails include a large, overhead shower that releases a soft stream of water droplets, similar to a rain-shower fixture. The twin rail also includes a handheld attachment with stronger water pressure that is ideal for a quick, refreshing shower as well as offering more ease and flexibility when it comes to cleaning your shower enclosure.

Black Shower_Black Shower Frame
Twin shower rails allow the ultimate in versatile bathroom design, with a luxurious rain-shower effect overhead rose and a handheld shower piece for added functionality in your new bathroom. Image

Interior design trends come and go but every so often, we see some design elements that have a tendency to stick around for years to come! Each of the above design elements and trends have featured prominently in the world of bathroom design over the years and thanks to their incredible durability and added functionality in the bathroom, you simply can’t go wrong when including any of these choices in your home.

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timeless bathroom design
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