DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas: A Luxury Bathroom for Less

Creating a luxury look in your bathroom need not cost the Earth; If the space is in decent enough condition but is simply in need of a little face lift to modernise it, there are plenty of DIY bathroom renovation techniques that will help you achieve that luxury look for less!

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The average cost of a major bathroom renovation in Australia in 2019 was $19,553. Housing Industry Association 2019 Report

This figure provides an excellent indication of how much you can expect to pay for a bathroom renovation however, the overall cost to you will vary depending on your own individual circumstances and design preferences.

However, if your bathroom is still in decent enough condition but simply needs a revamp, you can save a bundle on your renovation by taking the DIY route. A few simple upgrades and a little bit of elbow grease is all that’s needed here!

DIY Bathroom Renovation Tips: Resurfacing your Bathroom Floors & Walls

With a steady increase in the popularity of DIY home renovations and makeovers, you will now find an excellent selection of products available that will help you achieve a polished look for less. Tile painting kits, bathtub, basin and shower base resurfacing kits and even water resistant vinyls are all excellent options to consider when embarking on a DIY bathroom renovation.

Start with your walls and flooring; If you are planning on resurfacing your existing bathroom tiles, have a browse of Rustoleum’s Tile Transformation Kits or Dulux’s Renovation Range. Each of these collections have been specifically designed for the handy home DIY’er to easily complete a budget makeover with minimal fuss.

You will find more inspiration on resurfacing your existing bathroom flooring (as well as some handy preparation and cleaning tips!) in our post: Budget Bathroom Flooring Makeovers.

Upgrade your Shower, Tapware & Accessories

methven shower
Methven’s incredible collection of shower pieces provide a luxurious bathing experience while still being a water-wise option. View their complete range here.

Upgrading your bathroom fittings can drastically improve the overall look and function of the space. Spend some time researching your preferences to narrow down your top choices. Before committing to any purchases, you can often find working displays of your selected bathroom fittings in your nearest showroom where you can test out your selections before making any final decisions. Usually, you can easily swap out shower heads and tapware without disturbing the existing walls however, each home is different so if you are at all unsure, it is best to speak with a qualified Plumber before making your purchases to avoid any dissapointment.

Next, you will want to have a look at your bathroom accessories such as your towel rails, robe hooks, toilet roll holders, etc. These items can either be left as is or be replaced with products of the same size wherever possible, to minimise the amount of patching and repair work that is needed in your walls. Keep a consistent theme in your bathroom by matching these accessories with your tapware and showerheads.

DIY Bathroom Renovation Tips: Upgrade your Bathroom Vanity Unit

You have two options when it comes to upgrading your bathroom vanity unit: Either remove and replace the vanity, or simply give your existing unit a good revamp. Of course, a makeover is usually the most cost effective option however, if you are preferring a vanity that works better for you in terms of storage and accessibility, you will want to replace the unit altogether. Look for a vanity unit that is the same size as your existing vanity to keep any potential patching and wall/floor repair work to a minimum and seek the advice of a Cabinet Maker or Plumber if you are unsure before starting work on your project.

DIY Bathroom Renovation_bathroom vanity makeover
This incredible bathroom vanity transformation creates a light and luxurious look in this stylish space. View the complete step by step of this project at Batchelor’s Way!

Opting for a simple vanity makeover instead? You can paint over the existing vanity unit to give it a new lease on life. Make sure to purchase suitable paint for your existing vanity’s finish; certain paint products will not properly adhere to all materials and as such, you should always note what the cabinetry is finished with (i.e. laminate, solid timber, vinyl wrap, etc.) before purchasing your paint. With this information in hand, your local Paint Store will be able to best advise you on the most suitable cleaning, preparation and of course, paint products that will work for your project.

Once again, Rustoleum and Dulux each have an excellent collection of appropriate vanity top resurfacing kits to give your benchtop a fresh new look. You can also swap out your vanity unit’s handles to further enhance your bathroom’s new design and complete your style.

Make sure to also renew your cabinetry handles! Cabinet knobs are the easiest to swap out however, if you are swapping out a handle, make sure to note down the measurement between the screw holes so you can purchase new handles that fit this size. Better yet, remove a handle and take it shopping with you so you can match up the exact size.

Painting your Bathroom

Give your bathroom paint work a refresh to truly bring your makeover to life. Clean, prepare and paint your ceiling and any exposed walls, ensuring you’ve selected a paint that is suitable for the humid environment of a bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Renovation_choosing white wall paint
Stuck on choosing a white wall paint for your bathroom renovation? Our handy guide will help you narrow down your options! Image: Dulux

Bathroom Storage & Decor

Finally, the finishing touches! Consider just how well your existing bathroom storage works for you and see where it can be improved to be more efficient. Including a wall shelf in your shower or over your bathtub for example, provides space for your shampoo bottles and the like, while drawer organisers and additional shelving systems in cupboards can drastically increase the usable storage space in your vanity unit.

Complete your fabulous DIY bathroom renovation with fresh sets of towels, handmade soaps to display and a new set of matching accessories such as tumblers, trays, soap dispensers and more. These items are all simple to replace down the track so you can feel free to let your creative side shine with exciting new colours and patterns!

A DIY bathroom renovation is an excellent way to revamp a tired looking design while also adding value to your property when a complete renovation is not necessary. With a bit of careful planning and a little work, you can create a gleaming new bathroom in not time while sticking to a very reasonable budget!

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DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas
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