Kitchen Organisation Solutions: How to Accesorise your Kitchen

Whether you are just starting out on planning a kitchen renovation or looking to make your existing space just a little more functional, there’s a kitchen organisation solution out there that will help make your life easier!

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A well planned and organised kitchen will help create a better working environment in your home, where all the items you need are conveniently located and neatly arranged so as to create a more ergonomic and efficient overall design.

Each of these kitchen storage and organisation solutions can either be implemented into your existing space (provided your cabinetry suits the dimensions of the specific hardware!) or be included in your new kitchen design to help you create a space that is a breeze to work in. It should be noted that kitchen accessories such as these are specifically designed to suit standard cabinetry dimensions which you will find noted in each product’s description on Renovator Store’s website. When planning a new kitchen design, your Builder, Designer or Cabinet Maker will ensure each of your selected pieces of hardware will be suited to your new cabinetry’s dimensions. If you are on the other hand, updating an existing kitchen with new organisation accessories, make sure to measure the internal width and depth of your cabinetry to ensure your new hardware will be suited before placing your order.

So let’s dive right in!

Pull-Out Kitchen Organisation Solutions

Pull out storage options in the kitchen can either be installed in an existing cabinet (provided that the hardware dimensions are suitable) or integrated into a new kitchen design. Although standard kitchen cupboards and drawers provide an ample amount of storage, items can often be difficult to access as storage space becomes cluttered and unruly, making these solutions far less functional than they could be.

The following systems however, will provide complete ease of access to all of your available storage space, ensuring that you are truly able to make the best use of every available nook and cranny in your kitchen design.

Storing Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

ELITE Chef Kitchen Pull-Out Cupboard Organiser - Side mounted_Kitchen Cleaning Supplies
The ELITE Chef side mounted pull out unit provides the perfect solution for storing your kitchen cleaning supplies and can easily be installed in your existing or new sink cabinet for easy access.

Cleaning supplies are of course, best stored in your kitchen sink cupboard to keep them within arm’s reach where they are most needed and well away from any food items. Pull out systems such as the above example provide the perfect solution, with minimal space being used while still providing a versatile storage option to house all of your dishwashing liquids, dishwasher powder or tablets, scrubbers and dish cloths, keeping your sink and countertops free of clutter.

400Another fab option to consider, pull out storage caddies have the added flexibility of including a detachable basket that can be carried around the home as needed while tidying up!

These or similar systems can be included within your kitchen design to help keep cleaning products neatly arranged and well organised where they are most needed: near the kitchen sink!

Kitchen Bins

Next, you will want to look at the ideal placement of your kitchen bins which will be determined by your kitchen’s layout as well as your own individual cooking style.

Low profile pull out bins can usually fit right under your kitchen sink, making them a super convenient fit for the busy kitchen.

Ideally, your bins should be near your cleaning zone (either directly under or near the kitchen sink) or closer to your kitchen’s preparation zone where scraps and food packaging can easily be disposed of. In many kitchens, both preparation and cleaning up are tasks that centre around the kitchen sink, making this the most favoured spot for your bins however, this will of course strongly depend on your own individual style of prepping and cooking, as well as your kitchen’s overall layout. In cases where you prep your meals away from your sink, you may be best off including a second smaller bin in your kitchen, allowing one bin for both areas as necessary.

Concealed kitchen benchtop bins sit below a cutout in your benchtop and are ideal for use in preparation zones. Food scraps can be easily disposed of in this convenient 8L capacity bin and kept separate from your general waste (ideal for those with compost piles!). These bins also include a stainless steel lid which can also dub as a handy pot holder!

Pull out Kitchen Organisation Systems: Spices, oils, crockery and more!

Pull out shelving units are ideal for storing miscellaneous kitchen supplies, from food items and produce to large bottles, spices, oils, crockery, utensils, pots and pans. These heavy duty systems ensure all your storage is easily accessible without the need for rummaging around in deep cupboards as you can pull the entire unit out and all your storage completely visible. You will find various sizes ranging from narrow 150mm wide units to large 600mm models to suit your needs.

I’ve included one of these stylish pull out organisers in just about every kitchen I’ve designed! Best placed directly beside your cooktop and oven, these narrow pull out systems only need 150mm (width) of space to install and include two sturdy shelves that are perfect for storing your cooking spices, oils and other condiments.

Including a pull out spice and oil storage unit beside your cooktop or oven ensures all of your ingredients are easy and quick to access while cooking, minimising the amount of time and effort needed in the kitchen and making for a more ergonomic and efficient design.

Large pull out kitchen organisers are ideal for storing items such as crockery, saucepans, oils, utensils and more, freeing up your remaining storage from these bulkier items.

Pull out Pantry Systems

Especially useful for narrow pantry cupboards, pull out systems can also make this space much more versatile and functional. There are a several different types of units available that are suited to pantry installations, from tandem pantries that make use of the cupboard door with built-in shelves and a pull out internal shelving system, to individual pull out trays that come right out of the cupboard, allowing a complete view and simple access of all your stored items.

Tandem style pull out pantry systems make full use of all available space in your tall cupboard, allowing complete access and view of all your storage.

There are many different sizes and configurations available in terms of kitchen cabinetry pull out storage systems, each with its own unique use. From storing cleaning supplies, spices and condiments, to housing your pots, pans and crockery, you will find a huge range of options in Renovator Store’s extensive catalogue of kitchen storage hardware.

Corner Kitchen Storage Options

Kitchen corners have long been an issue; the standard bi-fold door cupboard setup is often excessively deep, making it difficult to access items stored at the very back. These cupboards are often used to house items that are not used very often (seeing as they are difficult to access!) which in turn, chews up a large bulk of available storage space.

The ELITE Bistro Magic Corner pull-out system can hold a combined total of 24kg. The unit only uses one side of a kitchen corner with the shelves engineered to pull right out from the blind space in your cabinetry, allowing for complete and effective use of the available area.

Modern solutions in kitchen corner storage options allow for complete access to all of your corner storage, making sure that nothing gets lost in the far back of your cabinetry.

A kitchen cupboard carousel includes a rotating two-tiered shelving system mounted on a central column. The shelves can be rotated within your cabinetry, offering a clear view and easy access to all of your corner storage, minimising wasted areas in your design.

Kitchen Organisation Accessories

Next up, smaller kitchen accessories such as drawer organisers, sink accessories and wall storage options will provide the finishing touch in your new kitchen design adding both function and style in the space.

Wall Storage

The Chef Kitchen Wall Storage Organiser Rack can be easily mounted on a blank wall to house your cooking utensils and miscellaneous items, ensuring they are easily and quickly accessible while also keeping them elevated off your countertops to reduce kitchen clutter.

Making better use of any available vertical space in your kitchen will further increase your kitchen’s storage capacity while also ensuring often used items are within arm’s reach when needed, keeping these items raised up off the kitchen countertops and keeping your kitchen free of clutter. Other vertical storage solutions to consider include open wall shelves and of course, the more common overhead cupboards to diversify your kitchen’s storage.

Drawer Inserts

Your kitchen organisation strategy would not be complete without drawer inserts! These inserts are available in a range of widths to suit just about every drawer size. Made of easy to clean stainless steel, inserts are the best solution for keeping the contents of your drawers in check.

Kitchen drawer organisers are the best way to keep all of your cutlery and utensils neatly arranged. Although there will inevitably be some storage space lost with the use of such inserts, they do ensure that all items are well organised and easily accessible, making your existing storage that much more functional.

Kitchen Sink Accessories

A kitchen sink is perhaps the most often used item in the entire kitchen; from washing hands, cleaning up, meal prepping, draining liquids and more, ensure your kitchen sink is put to good use with a variety of accessories. Fitted removable drainers, chopping boards, hanging caddies and more can all be added to your existing or new kitchen to help make the very best use of the available space.

The above slideshow includes just some of the incredible kitchen sink add-ons and accessories that will help you get the very best use of your sink; view Renovator Store’s complete collection here. Fitted drainer boards and chopping boards will assist in making prep work a breeze while sink caddies and built in soap dispensers ensure all of your cleaning necessities are neatly organised and accessible.

As you can see, Renovator Store has an extensive catalogue of awesome goodies that will help you create a more efficient and well organised kitchen. Their online store is choc-full of renovating essentials, from kitchen hardware to door handles and flooring options. Sign up for a FREE membership and start earning Reno Reward dollars to go towards your next order!

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