The Block 2020 Room Reveal Week 4: Master Ensuites

This week, we saw our couples crowd around the TV to receive the devastating news of the current global crisis which caused a ripple of fear and confusion on set. After a very emotionally charged week on The Block, the teams still managed to get things done and give us some interesting Master Ensuite designs to ponder over.

Harry and Tash – Judge’s Score: 28.5/30

  • master ensuite - the block bathrooms 2020 - the block 2020
  • master ensuite - the block bathrooms 2020 - the block 2020
  • master ensuite - the block bathrooms 2020 - the block 2020
  • master ensuite - the block bathrooms 2020 - the block 2020

Using a combination of dark green, terrazzo and white bathroom tiles (all sourced from Beaumont Tiles), Victorian team Harry and Tash delivered a luxurious 1920’s inspired Master Ensuite this week. Their bathroom design tied in with the overall colour palette of their winning Master Bedroom they put together last week, creating a consistent theme in the Master Suite. Although the 1920’s inspired touches were subtle, they definitely were there! The team used a traditional subway tile, running it vertically up the wall rather than horizontally for a more modern take on this classic look while the mirrored wall cabinet boasts a luxurious curved design, fitting in well with the era of the home. The gold wall sconces on either side of the mirror were also a fabulous 20’s inspired touch however, they do seem to clash a little with the very modern matte black tapware used throughout the space. The ‘Wet Room’ style area they’ve created definitely adds to the luxurious bathing experience that I imagine this space would offer. All in all, a very luxurious and colourful design that works well. On a side note, the shower screen really should have met with the edge of the tiles!

Sarah & George – Judge’s Score: 28.5/30

Western Sydney couple Sarah and George certainly created an interesting look in their 1940’s inspired Master Ensuite this week. Battling a tough week with the loss of Sarah’s grandmother, the team needed some extra help from their trades who were more than happy to step in and offer a hand in their project. Using bold blacks in their fittings, the structured look was contrasted by softer blush tones and crisp whites. Although the space included four different types of tiles (a move that Shaynna is normally not particularly fond of!) their choices were praised by the judges, who commented that the look does in fact work. Their inclusion of a smart toilet was also a highlight of their design which only just narrowly missed out on the win this week.

I do think the actual layout of the space is a bit unfortunate as the room’s dimensions and shape don’t allow much space for creativity. The vanity unit or bathtub are most often the showpiece of an Ensuite and in this case, the two had to be pushed together as a result of the shape of the room, making these two feature elements compete for attention so to speak. An interesting design with a lovely and soft colour palette nonetheless however, I do believe that the design would have benefited from some more 1940’s inspired pieces to create that ultimate ‘wow factor’.

Daniel & Jade – Judge’s Score: 28/30

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South Australian team Daniel and Jade put together a very luscious 1930’s inspired Master Ensuite this week, using a luxurious combination of black marble-look porcelain tiles and crisp white fish scale tiles as a subtle nod to the shapes and finishes seen in the Art Deco era that was in style from the 20’s well into the mid 30’s. The duo focused on creating a very glamorous look here which is consistent with the designs they’ve achieved thus far so it’s good to see Daniel and Jade creating that strong sense of continuity in their 1930’s era home.

A very luxurious design which although received some great comments from the judges, did land at the bottom of the leader board this week. I would have liked to see a heated towel ladder included (unless I missed it?! Was it tucked away somewhere off screen? Is that it on the right hand side of photo 3? Help!) as let’s face it, the wall space was available so there’s no excuse! An ideal spot would have been just above the bathtub where towels could be hung out properly to dry while also being easily accessible from the tub. For some reason though, the inclusion of the slippers in the team’s styling scheme was the biggest question raised so there we go… Judges are offended by slippers, noted.

Luke & Jasmin – Judge’s Score: 29/30

One of two winning teams this week, Western Australian team Luke and Jasmin put together a bright and breezy 1910’s inspired Master Ensuite, using curved elements in their feature wall, fittings and Velux skylight to create a soft look that recalls the stylings of the era. A subtle beachy vibe, their colour palette includes warm timber textures and soft white tiles paired with luxurious gold bathroom fittings. Their choice of shower screen and coordinating gold tapware was a very fitting touch, perfect for their home’s era, once again showing a consistent theme throughout the home. The overall design could have been lifted a little more however by creating an element that would fill in some of the blank space, something that would work well with the space’s height and make the room not feel so empty.

Once again I am left wondering where their towel rails or ladders are; do I keep missing them? Wall hooks are great but that is something we use in a pinch when there genuinely is no available wall space for a proper rail or ladder! The design would have also benefited from allowing a little bit of space between the vanity unit and the shower screen as once again, the space was readily available! This design choice created a very unfortunate ‘rushed’ look that I imagine would be quite frustrating for the user. Their choice of bathroom tiles was excellent however, a darker floor tile may have benefited the overall look here, creating some level of contrast while also effectively grounding the entire design.

Jimmy & Tam – Judge’s Score: 29/30

  • The Block Master Ensuite
  • The Block Master Ensuite
  • The Block Master Ensuite
  • The Block Master Ensuite

Our Queensland couple burst in with an absolute explosion of pink for their 1950’s inspired Master Ensuite. Although their bold choices of colour are definitely their strong suit, their design decisions definitely raise a concern in terms of appealing to a broad market when it comes time to sell. Will these more energetic and playful designs create a home that buyers will want? We’ll have to wait and see I guess! To their credit, they have been using colours that were in fact, incredibly popular in the 1950’s, including the playful blend of pastel pink and blush present in their choice of shower tiles.

Comments have been raised with regards to House 1’s shower screen being criticised for not meeting the top of the wall tiles while this design managed to sneak through without that comment. In my opinion, as House 1’s wall tiles ended at a lower height than the ceiling with a clearly visible and defined line, extending the shower screen just that little bit higher to meet this line would have offered a cleaner look whereas in House 5, the shower’s feature tiles ran higher upwards, pulling focus away from the shower screen itself. Perhaps it was missed by the judges! That being said, the screen should have at least met with the base of the window frame on the left hand side, once again offering a cleaner and more polished look.

I did enjoy this design but I am a sucker for bright colours though so this is definitely a very individual look! Jimmy and Tam took last week’s feedback on board and separated their Master Ensuite from the walk-in wardrobe, a decision that was met with a lot of positive remarks from our judges. Their choice of vanity was a perfect fit for their 1950’s era home, recalling the blonde timbers and textures that were popular in the era and creating the perfect connection between this space and the Master Bedroom with their use of matching furniture. The only real criticism I would have of this design is that the pink subway tiles used in the shower should have been better planned out prior to laying as the tile cuts around the shower niche do unfortunately create a bit of a messy look. And also, towel rails guys! All I see is a hand towel rail next to the vanity and some hooks! Overall, their choice of colours and textures was well suited for a 1950’s inspired design and I for one am looking forward to seeing more colourful creations from these two!

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