Outdoor Benchtops: Caesarstone’s New Collection

Gone are the days of high-maintenance outdoor benchtops; Caesarstone has once again swooped in to save the day with their newly released (and industry first!) quartz based outdoor benchtop collection.

When it comes to outdoor benchtops, the options have been fairly limited in the past, especially in situations where your alfresco area will be exposed to the elements. Most materials, although suitable for outdoor spaces, will often require a form of permanent cover in order to meet the manufacturers warranty and stay in the best condition possible over time as they can be susceptible to fading as well as water damage when left completely exposed.

Caesarstone outdoor benchtops
Caesarstone’s incredible new collection of outdoor benchtops can be used to create an assortment of custom pieces, from the sleek coffee table to the bar and BBQ area shown in this luxurious outdoor space. Featuring immense UV resistance combined with the super durable worktop that we all know and love from Caesarstone, the possibilities truly are endless!

“For the first time, Caesarstone brings proven, highly UV resistant quartz surfaces to the marketplace. It’s an industry-first for engineered stone products. Until now, there hasn’t been an outdoor surface material as durable as Caesarstone. With our new outdoor range, people can have complete peace of mind for a long-lasting application in their alfresco designs.”

Caesarstone GM Marketing, Grant Vandenberg

Engineered stone benchtops have long been a favourite choice in household kitchens thanks to their immense versatility and ease of maintenance. When installed and treated correctly, an engineered stone benchtop should not crack or chip, providing a strong and durable surface finish for the kitchen and other applications around the home. These benchtops will also not require regular sealing, being incredibly resistant to staining. With Caesarstone’s impressive track record for superior interior benchtop solutions, they have now added an industry first outdoor quartz surface to their already extensive collection, introducing a UV resistant material that can be used in a range of different ways around the home.

After extensive product testing, Caesarstone’s new outdoor collection promises to deliver an incredibly durable and long lasting material that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Where can I use Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection?

These new stone surfaces are created using an acrylic based resin (as opposed to the traditional polymer resin that is found in indoor quartz based benchtop options) for an exceptional UV resistance. The outdoor collection can be used in many different applications in your new outdoor set-up, from alfresco areas, custom outdoor furniture and BBQs (it should be noted that it is absolutely crucial to adhere to the BBQ manufacturer’s specifications when installing any sorts of materials near the appliance). These exciting new outdoor benchtops can also be used in indoor applications, being suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries; I imagine they would be especially beneficial for homes where strong direct sunlight has previously been an issue!

What colours are available in the outdoor collection?

Added to Caesarstone’s already extensive indoor collection are the new outdoor specific colours: Palm Shade™, Clearskies™ and Midday™, each presenting a spectacularly luxurious and neutral toned material that will perfectly complement any style of outdoor design.

Caesarstone Palm Shade - outdoor benchtops
Palm Shade™ brings the luxury and elegance of a white marble stone to the outdoors, creating a stunning organic surface that features a milky white backdrop and soft, charcoal toned veins for an ultra-realistic look.
Caesarstone ClearSkies- outdoor benchtops
ClearSkies™ features a wonderfully textured surface, evoking the feel of a traditional poured concrete benchtop while boasting a warm grey tone with the tiny flecks normally present in concrete products.
Caesarstone Midday - outdoor benchtops
Midday™ creates a light and breezy atmosphere, once again offering a spectacular representation of a concrete surface in brighter tones than that of Clearskies making it an excellent choice for bright, coastal inspired designs.

Unlike traditional concrete and natural marble surfaces however, Caesarstone is a non-porous material that will not require regular sealing in order to protect the surface from absorbing liquids and staining, making these alternative options an excellent choice for both internal and external applications.

Care and Maintenance of Caesarstone Outdoor Benchtops

As with the indoor collection of Caesarstone benchtops, the outdoor collection will not require sealing throughout its lifetime and will usually only need a simple wipe down with a soft, damp cloth to keep clean. The surface will not stain or scratch with correct use, providing a strong and durable surface finish that offers the flexibility of being both an indoor and outdoor benchtop solution.

In order to keep your new outdoor benchtop looking its best, it is recommended that any spills or dirt be wiped off the surface quickly so as to avoid them from drying up on the surface. It is not recommended that sharp knives be used directly on the benchtop – keep a chopping board handy instead! Deep fat fryers should also not be used directly on the surface in order to maintain the stone’s integrity over time. Another important note to keep in mind with your new benchtop is that metal objects (BBQ tools for example) should not be left to sit on the benchtop for extended periods of time in order to avoid rust from staining the surface (and we all know just how stubborn rust stains can be outdoors!)

How much do Caesarstone’s outdoor benchtops cost?

The outdoor collection sits in Caesarstone’s Supernatural price crategory. For more information on Caesarstone’s price categories, checkout our guide here which will assist you in coming up with a budgetary figure for your next project.

The overall cost of purchasing and installing your new benchtop or custom made furniture using this material will be individually quoted by a Stonemason, taking factors such as the amount of slabs required, joins, edge type and any cut-outs (such as sink cut-outs for example) into consideration.

Caesarstone’s exciting new collection offers incredible design flexibility allowing its use as both an indoor and outdoor material. With three beautifully versatile colours to choose from, the collection offers endless possibilities for your next home build or renovation project.

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