How to Keep your Outdoor Pavers Clean Year-Round

As Australia starts heating up in the lead up to the warmer months, tending to our outdoor entertaining areas becomes an all important task. Concrete outdoor pavers will often experience some level of impact during the cooler, wetter winter months with moisture creeping into their porous surface. This build-up of moisture can lead to the growth of mildew, moss and mould within concrete surfaces which can cause your outdoor pavers to discolour, stain or even erode over time. To assist homeowners, Jason Hodges, landscape expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, shares his expert advice and tips for effective cleaning and maintenance of concrete paving.

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Creating your Design Style using Concrete Outdoor Pavers

Concrete outdoor pavers are often used to create and define key zones in your landscaping design scheme such as alfresco areas, garden paths, patios or driveways. Pavers offer timeless appeal and versatility in the home’s overall design aesthetic, creating a hard wearing and durable surface finish that can last a lifetime with proper care. Designed for exterior use, concrete pavers are well suited to standing up against the elements over time and with some simple and quick cleaning techniques, you can ensure your investment is protected for year-round use and enjoyment.

With a variety of styles, colours, and textures available, choosing the right concrete paver that aligns with your surroundings is key to the product’s longevity and visual appeal. When planning your outdoor design scheme, take a moment to consider the layout or pattern of your pavers, how you would like to define key areas of your outdoor space and then, have a look at the colour and texture options available to ensure your selected style will suit your home’s outdoor aesthetic.

“In my years of experience in landscaping, I’ve seen how the right materials can make or break an outdoor project. Adbri Masonry’s pavers are a great example of what you should be looking for: they’re durable and come in a range of styles and colours to suit different environments. But even the best materials won’t last if you don’t take care of them. That’s why regular maintenance, tailored to the specific needs of your space and its seasonal challenges, is key to keeping your paved areas looking their best year-round.”

Jason Hodges, Adbri Masonry Ambassador
Adbri Masonry_How to Keep your Outdoor Pavers Clean

Sealing Concrete Outdoor Pavers

For aesthetic and maintenance purposes, consider applying a sealer to your newly installed pavers to ensure your investment is protected and stands the test of time, especially for BBQ areas or driveways where grease and grime could potentially stain your pavers. It is often advised that your concrete outdoor pavers be re-sealed regularly in order to ensure they remain well protected throughout their lifespan. Your installer should discuss this crucial step with you, recommending suitable time frames for re-sealing concrete pavers that will align with your specific project’s needs.

Drainage & Moisture Management

Effective maintenance of outdoor concrete surfaces starts at the installation stage with an emphasis on proper drainage and moisture management to minimise common issues such as staining, discolouration, and the chalky finish known as efflorescence.

“One of the most overlooked aspects of concrete paving maintenance is the role of drainage and moisture management.”

Jason Hodges, Adbri Masonry Ambassador

A well-designed drainage system will not only prolong the lifespan of your outdoor concrete pavers but also efficiently mitigate any potential issues. Taking the time to carefully plan and prepare a suitable solution for drainage and moisture management in the early stages of installing your new concrete pavers will ensure the material is well suited for a diverse range of applications, including driveways, paths or patios, ensuring their durability and sustained appearance over time.

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Cleaning Concrete Outdoor Pavers

After successful installation, maintaining your paved areas is very straightforward.

To keep these areas looking great all year round make it a habit to regularly remove dirt, dust, leaves and weeds, preventing the build-up of moss and mildew over the cooler months. It is recommended that any garden debris, dirt or animal droppings be swiftly removed and not permitted to sit on your concrete pavers for prolonged periods of time as these can lead to discolouration of the material, even if your pavers are sealed. The best way to do this is with a stiff broom or a pressure wash, taking care not to blast the stabilising sand from within the joints. If you are faced with a stubborn stain, proprietary cleaning products for concrete pavers are readily available from your local hardware store.

Following these easy steps will keep your paved areas visually appealing and safe all year round. “The versatility of concrete paving means you can tailor your outdoor space to your exact taste and needs. With Adbri Masonry’s array of concrete products, the design possibilities are virtually endless,” notes Jason. “From driveways and paths to patios and pool areas, selecting the right type of pavers and maintaining it properly can make all the difference in both longevity and visual appeal.”

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