7 Reasons Why We Love Laminex!

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Working as a kitchen and bathroom designer, you gain experience using an enormous range of materials and finishes, from two pack to vinyls, timbers to veneers, and of course, laminates!

Now, most people think of laminates and shudder, recalling the nightmarish bright orange kitchen cabinetry from the 70’s that would chip and mould.

Let me convert you…

All the advances made in the manufacturing process have now ensured that laminate products are as strong and durable as ever! We have an enormous amount of colours, textures and finishes to choose from and of course, water resistant board that ensures your cabinets stay mould free!

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Laminate offers many benefits when used in your home, whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Here’s why we love it:

  1. There is a huge range of styles, colours and finishes available to suit every taste and budget. Click here to view Laminex’s colour palette.
  2. Laminex offers a quality product that is both cost effective and highly durable, ensuring your cabinetry’s longevity
  3. Signs of wear and tear will not show as readily as the ‘old school’ laminates did
  4. Ranges of laminate products are available that are heat resistant
  5. Edging is not as noticeable as it once was due to new technology being employed in the manufacturing process
  6. Laminate benchtops effectively insulate sound: no more ringing sounds when plates are plonked or dragged across the kitchen benchtop
  7. Rather than a cold, hard surface, laminate products are warm to the touch

For a cost effective quality product, Laminex is sure to fit the bill. With such a great range of colours and textures to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong!

Visit the Laminex brand website for more information and to view their entire collection!

Have you used Laminex in your home? Review your Laminex products in the comments below!