Noble Grey Caesarstone: A Review

Caesarstone Noble Grey is a wonderfully luxurious engineered stone product that will effortlessly complement a range of kitchen design styles. Just how realistic is it though? Our review of Noble Grey Caesarstone compares this exciting product with authentic marble as we weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

Noble Grey Caesarstone
A sample of Caesarstone’s latest colour Noble Grey on top of a printed image of the product – You will see the subtle differences in colour between the sample and the image as well as note that the veins present in the image are not accurately represented in the sample piece as it is only a small cut off a much larger slab. We do always recommend our clients visit a Caesarstone Showroom to view the full slabs as images and samples can only offer so much!

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is an Engineered/Composite Stone, which means it is man-made using a combination of natural quartz, pigments and polymer resins. For a more in-depth guide of the manufacturing process, checkout our blog post that runs through how Caesarstone is actually made.

An emerging trend in the world of engineered or composite stone sees stone manufacturers such as Caesarstone creating products that will simulate the appearance and cool feel of a natural marble without the added expense, maintenance and sensitivity that comes with a natural stone product. Natural marble benchtops for example, are incredibly sensitive and porous, being susceptible to stains, cracks and scratches as well as discolouration if not cared for correctly.

Part of the brand’s luxurious Supernatural Collection, Caesarstone Noble Grey offers an excellent replica of a natural marble and has steadily been increasing in popularity since it was first introduced into the Australian kitchen design market.

Noble Grey Caesarstone_sample
A close up image of our sample of the product shows the soft white/grey background and just a touch of the bold veins featured in this amazing stone.

What can I match with Caesarstone Noble Grey in my kitchen colour scheme?

This stone features a bold vein atop a smoky grey background. It lends itself well to crisp whites, soft greys, a range of timbers and even charcoal coloured kitchen cabinets while also adding a luxurious and timeless quality to your kitchen design. This stone suits just about any style of home from the super modern to the popular Hamptons kitchen style!

What finishes are available in the Caesarstone Noble Grey?

Caesarstone Noble Grey is available in Caesarstone’s classic polished finish which features a soft glossy surface. Although this means you do not have the option of re-creating the look of a highly polished marble, the surface is incredibly simple to clean and maintain. You will find that Caesarstone Noble Grey can easily be kept clean with a simple wipe down with a soft, damp cloth and buffed up with a dry cloth. For more stubborn marks, you can purchase Caesarstone’s own creme cleanser – we’ve also found that household cleaning products such as Gumption or Bartender’s Friend are excellent at removing stains!

What is the difference between Caesarstone Noble Grey and real Marble?

Caesarstone’s surface is very smooth with a semi-gloss finish – you will not experience the finely textured surface of a natural marble nor are you able to adjust the level of glossiness in the stone as Caesarstone’s Noble Grey is only available in the single polished finish.

Although natural Marble is a luxurious and beautiful material, it does come with its own set of concerns: Marble by nature is very soft and porous. This makes the stone easy to scratch, crack or stain. Natural Marble surfaces do require regular attention in terms of cleaning and sealing: sealing the product is something that should always be performed by a professional, so there is this ongoing cost to consider when purchasing an authentic marble kitchen benchtop. Caesarstone on the other hand will never require sealing, making it a low maintenance alternative option to natural stone products.

Which is more expensive: Marble or Caesarstone?

In terms of price, a natural marble benchtop will of course be more expensive than the Caesarstone equivalent option. The colour Noble Grey has been included in Caesarstone’s Supernatural Range, which sits in the middle of their pricing tiers. For more information on Caesarstone pricing, checkout our guide here!

Noble Grey Caesarstone
Caesarstone’s Noble Grey: You will find that the veins displayed in the stone are highly varied and not repetitive, furthering the impression of a natural stone while the colours used do create a very realistic representation of the real thing. Image

When selecting your kitchen colours and materials, it is important to consider not only the product’s upfront cost, but also the cost of ongoing maintenance and if this option is the best fit for your needs, lifestyle and budget. This way you can easily determine which benchtop solution will be the right fit for your new kitchen design scheme.

In our opinion, Noble Grey is a very close representation of a natural marble kitchen benchtop with only a few differences such as the texture and variations, as outline in our review above. Although we do love an authentic marble kitchen benchtop, Caesarstone Noble Grey offers us all the beauty of this natural stone product without the associated costs and ongoing maintenance concerns, making it an excellent option for those looking for an affordable and low maintenance alternative to traditional marble kitchen benchtops.