The REAL Cost of a New Kitchen

With the introduction of more sophisticated and durable finishes and materials in the world of kitchen design, there has been a steady increase in the overall costs of renovating or building a brand new kitchen. Today, we’ll be exploring the REAL costs of a new kitchen and how you can SAVE!

So, how much will my new kitchen cost? Well, the good folks at have compiled a fantastic guide that will help you come to realistic budgetary figure for your new kitchen. The below chart will give you a great outline of the costs to expect, followed by some points on how to keep your project within budget:

We would like to thank for allowing us the use of their amazing infographic which provides a very accurate representation of the real costs of renovating or building a brand new kitchen. Servicing BSW Australia, offers an extensive range of home imrovement products, including window shutters, blinds and alfresco screens.

Set a budget

Always set yourself a budget; don’t just wait and see what the quotes will come up with to see if you’re prepared to pay that amount. Instead, consider how much money you are willing to spend on your new kitchen – the chart below will help you understand the costs of the various elements of a new kitchen which will help you formulate a budget plan you are happy with!

Define your must-have items

Think about the way you and your family use your kitchen: do you do a lot of baking? A quality oven may be a must have item in that case! Entertain a lot? Perhaps a butler’s pantry is right for you! What are the items you simply cannot do without? List out the key features and finishes you are simply not wanting to compromise on to make sure these items are included in your project. Ultimately, these are the items you may be spending a bit of extra money on.

Define items you are happy to compromise on

Once you’ve clearly outlined your must have items, it’s time to consider which items you are happy and willing to compromise on. This does not necessarily mean compromising on quality; for example, if two pack doesn’t fit into your budget a high quality vinyl wrap (we only use Polytec’s Thermolaminated products) or glossy laminate finish (for example, Laminex’s Silk Range) will offer you a similar effect at a cheaper cost. Definitely worth considering! Of course, do your research into various finishes and products and be weary of cheaper imported products (there’s a reason why we only recommend Polytec and Laminex! These are two brands that have never let us down in terms of quality and durability)

Invest in a quality design package

Hiring a professional kitchen design is definitely are worthy investment; ensure your designer has a great product knowledge and is able to advise you on which products will fit your budget. Professional drawings will also ensure all trades involved are on the same page, minimising the likelihood of extra costs down the track due to any misunderstanding or human error.

Bargain Hunt

Don’t we all just love a good bargain! Spend time visiting sales and seconds warehouses; checkout discount stone suppliers who offer discontinued or excess stock (such as Cheapest Stone Benchtops Melbourne) and see what you can save.

Be decisive!

Avoid changing your mind once construction has commenced to avoid changes in cost. By a certain point, you should have all decisions made and try not to second guess yourself, or overthink your decisions – go with you gut! Make a decision you are happy with and stick to it to avoid unnecessary extra costs down the track.