NEW Caesarstone Colours for 2017

As always, we are super excited to see any newbies Caesarstone comes up with and they have not disappointed us this year! Take a look at the 6 new colours available from Caesarstone Australia.

Intense White™ 6011

A new addition to Caesarstone’s very affordable Standard collection, Intense White features a lightly speckled, brilliant white surface, perfect for pairing with solid coloured cabinetry or even timber features. Caesarstone’s classic polished finish ensures an easy clean up every time!

Caesarstone Intense White
Caesarstone’s Intense White™ 6011 – Click for more info

Rugged Concrete™ 4033

One of our absolute favourites, Rugged Concrete features a stunning roughly textured surface, mimicking the tactile finish of a classic concrete benchtop. A concrete benchtop can be extremely costly, while also requiring regular sealing to ensure the surface’s integrity. Caesarstone’s solution provides all the beauty and texture of a concrete benchtop with the added benefits and affordability of a quartz surface – no sealing required! This beauty is included in Caesarstone’s high end Supernatural collection.

Caesarstone Rugged Concrete
Caesarstone’s Rugged Concrete™ 4033 – Click for more info

Cloudburst Concrete™ 4011

Another new addition to the higher end Supernatural Collection is the very elegant Cloudburst Concrete. A superbly versatile colour, Cloudburst Concrete would look right at home in various different design styles, including the trending Scandinavian look, an Industrial design or even a more Contemporary style. This stone also features the roughly textured surface of Rugged Concrete, providing a low sheen benchtop surface. We see this one being BIG in the world of interior design!

Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete
Cloudburst Concrete™ 4011 – Click for more info

Frozen Terra™ 4601

A fusion of concrete and terrazzo, created with Caesarstone’s famously easy to maintain quartz surfaces. Frozen Terra suits a Modern, Industrial or Contemporary style of home and pairs well with black fixtures, matte black or white cabinetry or light and dark timber finishes. The surface features translucent aggregate with pieces of black basalt lightly scattered throughout. Frozen Terra is included in Caesarstone’s affordable Deluxe range and features a smooth, matte finish.

Caesarstone Frozen Terra
Frozen Terra™ 4601 – Click for more info

Canon Terra™ 4603

Similar to the Frozen Terra, Canon Terra includes translucent aggregate pieces and black basalt scattered over a deep, dark grey surface. This stone would make for a very dramatic scheme when paired with rich, dark timbers or matte blacks and whites. Be bold and go all black – the Canon Terra would be a fabulous benchtop in an all black kitchen! Also included in the affordable Deluxe range, Canon Terra features a soft, matte finish, befitting a Modern, Industrial style.

Caesarstone Canon Terra
Canon Terra™ 4603 – Click for more info

Turbine Grey™ 6313

Now this is truly fabulous! Granite has long dominated the American design market and we are now seeing this beautiful natural stone slowly making its comeback in the Australian Interior Design world. Caesarstone’s interpretation of a granite surface features the classic mid to dark grey veins seen in natural granite with the added benefits we all know and love of a low maintenance Caesarstone top. Turbine Grey is included in the higher end Supernatural range; a perfect solution for a Classic or Transitional styled home.

Caesarstone Turbine Grey
Turbine Grey 6313™ – Click for more info

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