How to Make a Room Look BIGGER!

 The age old question – How do you make a room look bigger? We’ve got you covered!

There are many techniques you can try to help make your home look much bigger than what it really is. Creating the illusion of space in your home isn’t just for aesthetic reasons – It also helps you feel much more relaxed and at peace, so let’s dive right in!

How to make a room look bigger: Paint Colours & Techniques

Your wall and ceiling paint colours will play a huge factor in the room’s overall perception of size. As a general rule of thumb, brighter colours and of course, whites & neutrals will create a bright, airy vibe in your home which will help to make the space feel larger than what it really is.

Whites, off whites, soft neutrals and lighter greys are all great options for a brighter home – Read our 3 Step Guide to selecting your new White paint! You are not however, limited to a neutral colour palette: If you are wanting to introduce more colour in your home while still creating the illusion of a larger space, paint options include pastel tones such as lavender or mint green or some brighter tones of aqua and teal. These colours are often seen in day spas and retreats, where you will notice a distinct feeling of calm and openness – exactly what you are wanting to achieve in your home!

This space has been painted in out of my favourite Dulux colours: Royal Beige. This fabulous colour is a glorious warm beige with a touch of grey, making it a very modern and soothing colour for the home. Although it has a warmer tone, the depth of this fabulous colour dose actually help with enlarging the space without having to go for a completely stark white! Image source

Select a bright white paint for your trims and doors to further enhance the room’s size. You should also consider using a satin or even semi gloss finish for your doors and frames: Not only will the smooth sheen make these high traffic areas much easier to keep clean but the slight gloss will also help light to travel through the space, helping to create that open and airy feeling.

Feature Walls

You may feel as if your options are limited when it comes to creating a feature wall in a tight space: after all, anything you choose will make the space look even SMALLER, won’t it? Rest assured, there ARE some fabulous options for your try out that will actually help make the room feel larger!

Dulux has an extraordinary selection of special effects paints in their Design Effects Collection, including a wonderful Pearl and Metallic Effect paint – Checkout the video below to see just how simple these specialty paints are to apply!

These two finishes are my absolute FAVES when it comes to adding a feature wall in a smaller space: Thanks to their luminous quality, light is effectively carried through the room, bouncing off the feature wall and creating a bright, elegant vibe in your home.

Anything that helps draw the eye upwards in a room will help in making the space feel larger by effectively adding height to the space. A vertical striped wallpaper is an excellent way to visually heighten your ceiling! Image source

Prefer the look of wallpaper? Opt for styles of paper that are not excessively patterned and have only a minimal variety of colours, textures or patterns. These styles will add a layer of texture to the space without making it feel too small or cluttered. A great way to manipulate a room’s perceived size is to make use of patterns that will draw the eye in a certain direction. Using either paint or wallpaper, a striped feature wall is just the ticket! Wanting to make your ceiling appear higher? Vertical stripes will do that! Make a room feel wider? Horizontal stripes – Done!

Furniture Styles

To help make your home feel bigger, a general rule of thumb when selecting furniture is to keep as much of your floor visible as possible. Select pieces that are raised off the floor – Sofas on legs, glass coffee tables, etc. Not only will this style of furniture help make a space feel bigger but it also creates an environment that is MUCH easier to keep clean! Think of the dust bunnies that gather beneath those sofas or recliners with no room under them for a mop – Not a very pleasant thought, is it?! You’ll be able to get under there much easier to clean, making sure your room doesn’t have a secret stash of dust and dirt that you’re constantly breathing in!

how to make a room look bigger
Mocka’s fabulous Jesse Coffee Table ticks all the boxes: Light coloured furniture, Check. Raised off the floor, Check. Concealed storage options, CHECK!

When fitting out a smaller room with furniture, it’s easy to be tempted with smaller pieces however, selecting larger items will actually help to decrease the look of clutter, making the space feel much more open. Select functional pieces that are in proportion to the space – If you’re worried those super cosy over-stuffed sofas will look too puffy in your living area, chances are they probably will! It may take some hunting around to find your perfect fit but there’s always something amazing out there for every room!

Lighting & Accessories

The key to achieving a decorating scheme that will enhance the perception of space in your home is to create light-filled interiors. Ensure there is an abundance of natural light in the space – Open up those curtains and let the sun shine in! Of course, your artificial lighting is just as important; ensure your home is comfortably lit using a combination of lighting solutions that work best for your needs. For example a small table lamp or floor lamp is a MUST in your favourite reading nook!

how to make a room look bigger
A simple table lamp can make all the difference! This copper table lamp is a great example of an accessory that won’t clutter up your space – A simple wire-look base with a metallic copper feature. Image: Mocka

In keeping with this principle, you will want to also include accessories in your decorating scheme that help light circulate through the space. The best options include mirrors, glossy glass and metallics which allow light to effectively bounce around the room and help brighten things up, furthering the illusion of space.

It’s also important to consider the overall SIZE of each piece you use in your decorating scheme: Once again, do not be tempted to decorate with a large collection of smaller objects! Select a smaller collection of larger sized pieces instead which will again, decrease the appearance of clutter in the space.


While on the topic of clutter, you should also consider including pieces of furniture in your home that offer added storage; A cluttered room will always look much busier and smaller than what it actually is.

Storage ottomans, sofas with hidden storage in the seats, beds with drawers built under – All of these items offer concealed storage space that will help you keep clutter out of sight, furthering the overall openness of your home.

how to make a room look bigger_storage ottoman
A good storage ottoman is the perfect solution for keeping clutter at bay in your living area or bedroom – The perfect storage solution for extra throws, blankets and all the other bits and pieces that need to be tucked away at a moment’s notice – I keep my entire home office in a small storage ottoman! This beauty is available online from Zanui.

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how to make a room look bigger
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