Top 10 Creative DIY Furniture Hacks

Creating something new from old furniture is a fabulous way to up-cycle products so they don’t end up wasting away in landfill. Most of these ten top DIY furniture hacks are simple enough for a weekend project, using common items that are easy to get your hands on.

Farmhouse Style Dresser from an IKEA Cabinet

This charming farmhouse dresser has been created by adding elements and repainting an IKEA piece. View this wonderful DIY project at Our Humanist Home.

A fabulous DIY furniture hack, this very basic looking IKEA dresser has been completely transformed with the simple addition of a few timber feature panels, a lick of paint and matte black cabinetry knobs. The finished result is a beautiful farmhouse style dresser that makes for the perfect compliment in any contemporary or classic styled bedroom.

Tufted Ottoman from a Coffee Table

This project has gone STRAIGHT to the top of our To-Do list! You will find the complete tutorial over at Artsy Chicks Rule!

We are absolutely OBSESSED with this incredibly luxurious DIY furniture hack! Using an old coffee table that has seen better days, you can create a fabulous tufted ottoman for your living area or bedroom; all you need is some fabric, stuffing, basic sewing supplies and paint!

TV Cabinet into Kid’s Play Kitchen

Find more information about this incredibly clever DIY project on the Giggleberry Creations blog.

Absolutely amazing! Build your child’s dream play kitchen using an outdated TV unit (you can find one at your local second hand store). This tutorial is a little more in depth than most of the ideas featured in this post however, the result are simply magical.

Kid’s Crafts Table from a Cot

Re-purpose your child’s cot to create a wonderful craft station: View the tutorial at A Little Learning for Two

This DIY project offers a new lease on life for your child’s cot, growing and evolving as your child does! Re-purpose a cot to create a nifty crafts station; add small hooks to carry stationery, toys or a whiteboard as shown in the example above, for added functionality.

Bookshelves into Home Command Centre

Organise your home’s activities and storage with this nifty command centre DIY. View the complete tutorial at Iron & Twine.

Built using three basic, tall shelving units, this home command centre makes it easy to organise all the necessary bits and pieces needed around the home. Create storage that best suits your family’s needs, for example, folder space for instruction manuals, receipts, school work, etc, a bulletin board or monthly calendar and more.

DIY Kitchen Island from a Dresser

diy furniture hacks - kitchen island
Absolutely incredible! Double the amount of storage and bench space in your kitchen while also adding a luxurious touch. Find the complete tutorial to create an out of this world DIY kitchen island over at Hallmark Channel.

Now this is a stroke of genius! Create a stunning kitchen island, complete with bonus storage and bench space for your kitchen, using an old dresser. Simply spruce it up, add a benchtop and some legs (or wheels with a brake function, as shown in this example) and away you go!

Mini Home Office Chest

diy furniture hacks - home office
For those with limited space for their home office, this Mini Office in-a-chest DIY project is a fantastic solution. Find the complete tutorial over at Martha Stewart’s blog.

If you don’t have a dedicated home office, it can be tricky to keep yourself organised. This home DIY project can be customised to suit your needs; include space to neatly tuck away your laptop and various chargers, space for notebooks and stationery, and finish it off by mounting a cork board to the underside of the lid to keep your notes and reminders easily accessible. All your office gadgets and equipment will be neatly tucked away without taking up space and getting lost around the home.

Filing Cabinet to Garage Storage

diy furniture hacks - garage storage
Give an older filing cabinet a new lease on life; The sturdy metal that most filing cabinets are made of, make them a perfect fit for garage storage. View the video tutorial here.

Simple, easy and effective, this garage storage solution is made using an old filing cabinet. Filing cabinets are slowly moving into the obsolete category as most filing is digital these days; this home DIY project gives that old metal cabinet new life and purpose!

Laundry Basket Station from Shelf Unit

diy furniture hacks - laundry storage
Add style and function to your laundry: Create this incredibly nifty laundry basket station using Hometalk’s tutorial here.

Re-purpose a simple shelving unit into a storage station for your laundry to house your dirty clothes and other bits and pieces. As an added bonus, if your shelf unit is large enough, you may also want to consider mounting a small ironing board on the top for the ultimate in multi-use functionality.

Bathroom Vanity from Old Dresser

diy furniture hacks - bathroom vanity
Create a stunning vanity in your next bathroom renovation; view the full tutorial at An Oregon Cottage.

Have an old dresser you simply cannot part with? Or, have you spotted a fabulous piece at your local thrift store? Convert it into a luxurious bathroom vanity, complete with storage space aplenty.

These ten incredible DIY furniture hacks are some of the most creative we have come across online and of course, we simply had to share! For more incredible DIY home projects, checkout our post here.

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Header Image: Bradjavernick – Flickr