Materials & Finishes: Caesarstone’s Concetto Collection

Caesarstone is internationally popular for their exquisite quartz based engineered stones, but did you know they also have an exciting collection of semi-precious hand made stones too? Using quality materials ranging from natural quartz, amethyst and crystal, the Concetto Collection is sure to add a glamorous WOW factor to any design!

What is Caesarstone’s Concetto Collection?

Caesarstone’s Concetto range consists of several different semi precious stone options, each with its own unique and luxurious characteristics. Each piece is carefully handmade from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones as well as petrified timbers, by skilled craftsmen.

Caesarstone’s current Concetto colour collection. Image Source

Where does it come from and how long can I expect to wait?

The Concetto slabs are made in Caesarstone’s factory in Israel using materials sourced from around the world. The craftsman will take about one week to handmake a single slab and you can expect a lead time of up to 12 weeks.

Where can I use it?

Much like Caesarstone’s range of engineered surfaces, the Concetto Collection can be used anywhere around the home including kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, internal wall cladding and custom made furniture.

Can it be backlit?

Certain colours in the collection such as White Quartz and Amethyst for example, are naturally translucent and therefore, have the ability to be backlit, creating a stunning look in any design. You have the ability to control the warmth and even the colour of the stone in this instance, by using either warm, cool or coloured lighting options.

8141 White Quartz - quartz bathroom countertops - Caesarstone
White Quartz has the ability to be backlit to truly showcase the stone’s natural warmth and beauty. Image Source

How do I care for & maintain my Caesarstone Concetto stone? Does it require sealing?

The surface is highly stain, scratch and heat resistant however, it is always recommended that hot items not be placed directly on the surface and that any chopping should be done on a chopping board. Any spills (especially wines, acidic foods, etc.) should be wiped away as soon as possible to avoid staining the surface. A wipe down with a soft cloth and warm soapy water is always best for stone surfaces however, for more stubborn marks a mild cleaner or detergent can be used. Your Stonemason will best advise you on the most efficient way of cleaning your new stone surfaces while in keeping with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Each slab is polished and will never require sealing after installation meaning less expense for you down the track when compared to other natural stones on the market such as granite and marble.

A feature island benchtop using Blue Agate to highlight this futuristic themed kitchen. Image Source

What can I expect to pay?

Being a higher end product that is not only handmade but also uses natural materials, as you can expect, the Concetto Range is placed in the higher end of the pricing scale. Each slab can range from $8,000.00 to up to $15,000.00 depending on the material used to create it.

What sizes does the Concetto Range come in and what edge details are available?

The Concetto range comes in standard sized slabs of approximately 3060mm x 1440mm. As with all stone benchtops, different edge details can be achieved to create the style and look you are after however, the more squared Pencil Edge (recommended minimum radius of 6mm to ensure your benchtop does not chip) is the most popular in this particular collection due to the fact that theses stones are quite bold in colour and pattern and do not require any further embellishments. Let the natural colours and textures speak for themselves!

Amethyst has been used in this stunning Jewelry Store design – Caesarstone’s Concetto Range is the perfect accompaniment to a luxurious retail environment! Image Source

For more information, click here to visit Caesarstone’s website or here to download the Concetto Collection brochure.


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