Black Tapware: Just a fad or here to stay?

Black tapware has been around for some years now: what started as yet another colour trend we thought we’d forget all about, has proceeded to make a huge impact on kitchen and bathroom design.

But, will it last?

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Chrome fittings for bathrooms and kitchens are the go-to option when it comes to selecting tapware however, other colours such as white, gold, rose gold and of course, black have also made an appearance in the design world too. Although white never really took off and gold/rose gold fittings seem to be a fad that is recycled every couple of decades (gold tapware was all the rage in the 80’s!), black does seem to be making  a lasting impression.

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Renovation and home design based television shows all over the world have used black tapware to create a bold look in their designs, helping to keep this trend alive. With increased exposure comes increased demand: more and more manufacturers are now including collections of black tapware and accessories to match. The black fad not only appears to be growing in popularity but also in timeless appeal. After all, all the classics are all black – think ‘the little black dress’!

Black tapware can provide a bold element to your new kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Pair

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it with other black elements in the space such as a matching sink or basin, for the complete look. Black tapware creates a harmonious pairing with warm timbers and natural stones, as well as providing a high level of contrast when used against solid coloured cabinetry or benchtops.

We do find that too much black in a room can make the space uninviting: for example, if you are using all black bathroom fittings (tapware, shower, towel rails, etc) ensure to soften the look by introducing a bit of colour and texture into the space by using softer materials and finishes such as warm timbers, soft grey tones, warm whites and even pastel hues. This can even be as simple as adding a pop of colour in the room with patterned towels and flowers; these elements will act as a means of contrasting the bold blacks and creating a sense of warmth in the space that the black features can sometimes overpower.

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The sleek, modern and timeless appeal of black tapware creates a statement in any space. Love it or hate it, we do believe that black tapware is here to stay!

What are your thoughts on black tapware: Fad or Timeless? Share your thoughts in the comments below!