4 Timeless Kitchen Colour Schemes

When designing a new kitchen, the last thing anyone wants is to spend all this time and money on a space that will need a major update as soon as interior trends change. Suddenly those copper faucets are looking a little tacky, that bright red splashback is a little tired and that bright green benchtop that we just couldn’t live without is an absolute eye sore! Today we’re looking at a few different timeless kitchen design styles that are sure to keep you happy for many years to come!

Select A Theme

One way to ensure your new kitchen stands the test of time is to select a clear theme or style for the space and stick to it. A clear, defined theme that you absolutely LOVE will always be on trend and add to the timeless appeal of your home.

Traditional Kitchen Design
Selecting a distinct kitchen style such as French Provincial will ensure the design is always on trend! Image Source.

Certain colours and finishes lend themselves extremely well to specific themes, for example the  combination of matte black cabinetry, textured exposed brick and timber benchtop look right at home in this vintage industrial themed kitchen pictured below. A farmhouse sink is another fabulous way to create a timeless appeal in your new kitchen; both practical and luxurious!

Vintage Industrial Kitchen Design
A vintage industrial theme in this ultra stylish kitchen makes it a warm and timeless look. Image sourced from Pinterest.

Keep it Natural

Nature is always in style! The timeless appeal of timber cabinetry is undisputed; pair with a sleek white countertop for lasting elegance and you’ve got yourself a stunning timeless kitchen design! The example pictured below features a combination of a few different styles: Scandinavian, Country Style and Vintage. These three styles have characteristics in common, making them easy to combine to create a unique, timeless look in your home.

A unique combination of Scandinavian, Country and Vintage design creates a timeless appeal in this kitchen example. Image Source.

Classic Black & White

A classic black and white kitchen will also withstand the test of time and best of all, can be designed in a way to suit all styles of home. Sleek and smooth cabinetry and sharp, clean lines would create a fantastic look in a Modern black and white kitchen whereas detailed shaker style cabinets paired with period style details (i.e. hardware, appliances, accessories, etc.) will create a breathtaking black and white Traditional styled kitchen.

A Classic black and white kitchen is easily spruced up with texture and colour by introducing accessories and soft furnishings – These pieces can be easily (and cheaply!)  changed up when trends change. Image Source.

Bold & Beautiful!

An all black kitchen is a fantastic way to ensure a timeless design; of course, it is important to pay close attention to the types of materials and finishes you select as an all black colour scheme can be a little unforgiving when it comes to fingerprints and marks. A semi gloss cabinet finish is usually the easiest to maintain: a matte finish will show marks, as will a high gloss. There are many fabulous ways to create an all black kitchen: click here to view our recent post on how to make this look work!

A dramatic, all black kitchen creates a bold feature in the home. Image Source.

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