Top Trends of 2018 in Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture

Coming into 2018, we are seeing many fabulous new trends emerging in furniture design for your Kitchen and Dining areas. In response to our busier lives, furniture and decorating trends are embracing a more practical and functional approach; you will find all of the following pieces available online with Australia wide delivery from Temple & Webster. 

Storage & Versatility in the Kitchen

We are all too familiar with the dreaded task of finding that elusive extra storage in our homes, especially in the Kitchen! A great way to add style, versatility and of course, much needed storage in your Kitchen is to include fabulous and versatile pieces that offer a range of uses. A very popular and cost effective solution is the classic Chopping Block (or Butcher’s Block).

La Verde Chopping Block
The La Verde range of Chopping Blocks offer a luxurious way of adding extra storage and function to your Kitchen. With several different styles and sizes to choose from, you are sure to find something to suit your needs and available space. Available online with Australia wide delivery from Temple & Webster – click here to view the La Verde Collection and here to view Temple & Webster’s entire range of Chopping Blocks.

These lovely pieces not only offer an incredible amount of storage to your Kitchen, but also add handy benchspace when and where you need it, while also creating a characteristic feature in your Kitchen. Use your Chopping Block as a Kitchen island, roll it around the space to add extra benchspace when you need it or use it in your Dining area for a buffet dinner!

So. Many. Options.

Texture & Colour

2018 will see more colour and texture making its way into our Kitchens and Dining areas, with the favourites being cooler deep navy, mossy greens and of course, classic neutral tones, as well as softer hues of rust, rose and blush in our soft furnishings and accessories. We’ll also be seeing a comeback of the beautifully characteristic Oak timbers in our furniture – after all, who can resist the rustic, warmth of a good timber!

6Ixty Oak Sideboard
The stunning 6Ixty Oak Sideboard provides a stylish and versatile solution in your Dining area. With plenty of added storage and a beautifully tactile Natural Oak finish, the raised unit creates a visual illusion of more space in your Dining area. Remember the Golden Rule in making a space appear larger: The more FLOOR you can see, the bigger the room feels! Visit Temple & Webster for more information on this beautiful sideboard.

Set off your colour scheme with metallic hardware: Although a classic chrome or stainless steel will always be on trend, brass is still going strong as a substitute to chrome, as is a matte black finish.

Light, Easy-Care Dining Room Furniture

If you are on the market for a new Dining table, today’s trending styles offer a fantastically low maintenance solution! Gone are the heavy, weighted-looking pieces of the past and in their place, we are seeing timber textured tables featuring much thinner tops and slimmer legs. Taking a cue from the ever popular Scandinavian style of furniture design, these pieces create the illusion of light and space in your Dining room. The textured top provides an excellent, low maintenance surface finish that won’t show up marks and fingerprints; just a simple wipe down and that’s it!

Kylie Natural Dining Table by Innova Australia
Dining Room furniture styles are shifting towards a much lighter look as opposed to the more solid, “weighty” looking pieces of the past. This style lend itself well to both smaller and larger Dining areas, creating a sense of space in the home. The very affordable Kylie Natural Dining Table pictured above is the perfect example of this style, providing a super stylish and very budget friendly option! Available online from Temple & Webster, click here for further details.

Lighting Solutions

Feature pendant lighting is a fantastic way of injecting character, colour and texture to your interiors. Pendant lights over your Kitchen island will provide both valuable task lighting and a stunning feature in your Kitchen: cluster your pendant lights over your Kitchen island or your Dining room table to create visual impact. Depending on the style of your selected light fitting, you may even consider installing each fitting at a slightly different height for a truly stylish look.

This stunning Rustic Glass Pendant provides a delightfully non-intrusive lighting option. Cluster these lights together and layer your heights for maximum impact over your Kitchen island or Dining room table. Click here for more information.

Vintage/Industrial styled light fittings will continue to impact the world of interior design in 2018: this style offers a timeless look in the home and can be easily paired with different home decorating styles when redecorating your space.

Black is the New White

All white Kitchens have reigned supreme over the last decade or so. Although white will always be a safe, classic choice, there is a definite shift towards a bolder, dramatic all black style in the Kitchen! An all black Kitchen simply oozes class and sophistication and with very good reason: with a world of different materials and finishes (such as Laminex’s Anti-Fingerprint Surfaces) available, black isn’t really such a high maintenance option anymore. Carry the look through to your Dining area with stylish black dinnerware.

Ecology Speckle Ebony 12 Piece Dinnerset
Ultra modern and stylish all black accessories create a bold statement in your Kitchen. Carry the look through to your Dining table with this fabulous and tactile 4-Piece Dining Set: Temple & Webster’s stunning Ecology Speckle Ebony Dinnerset provides a great way to introduce texture to your Dining setting while also being a bold statement piece. Visit Temple & Webster for more info on this fabulous set!

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Kitchen & Dining Room Trends of 2018 by Diamond Interiors
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