Product Review: Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

I recently received a wonderful new diffuser from Organic Aromas to review. I’ve spent the last few weeks testing it out: Placing it in different areas of the home to examine its effects, showing it off to family and friends to hear their thoughts, and here’s what we’ve found!

Having used essential oils around the home for many years, I thought I knew it all when it came to selecting the right diffuser. I’m more familiar with ultrasonic diffusers – I have one in every bedroom of our home (including a nifty budget friendly unit from Kmart you can read a review of here!) so when the opportunity came up to review a Nebulizing Diffuser, you can be sure I was incredibly intrigued!

No water?? But how?!

As I eagerly awaited for my new diffuser to arrive in the mail, I spent countless hours examining Organic Aroma’s website to see just how this baby works, what are the benefits of a Nebulizing Diffuser as opposed to other models and just really checking out how the damn thing can possibly work without water!

I was absolutely fascinated while reading up on the benefits of a nebulizing diffuser when compared to the ultrasonic model I’m more accustomed to using around the home. Organic Aroma’s nebulizing diffusers are not made of plastic (poor grade plastics can have a negative effect on your essential oils so a model that is made with NO plastic whatsoever is a great way to ensure you’re not using questionable materials!) Another key point I found to be incredibly helpful was that as the unit does not require heat nor water to run, your essential oils are not being diluted or potentially contaminated in any way, ensuring you reap the rewards of only 100% pure aromas and the associated therapeutic benefits. For more information as well as an in depth comparison of available aroma diffusers, visit Organic Aromas here!

Opulence Diffuser
I selected the Opulence Diffuser in black to match my home’s accessories. Super impressed! The box came, neatly and most importantly safely packaged up with all the bits and pieces I needed to get started – Including a 5ml bottle of Organic Aroma’s Signature Blend! I highly recommend this essential oil blend to anyone looking for a fabulous home scent. This intoxicating floral aroma is one of the most uplifting and soothing essential oil blends I’ve ever tried and proved to be extremely popular with any visitors we’ve had over the last few weeks. Definitely on my shopping list!

Making the switch from an ultrasonic model to a nebulizing diffuser was a bit of an adjustment for me, I must say. I found the unit would make a low, airy, whistling noise, similar to that of a straw-sucking sound. At first I must admit, I was a little perplexed – I thought perhaps I had not fitted the little glass lid on properly. After a bit of digging online, I soon found out that this sound was in fact, perfectly normal and expected of these models and that there were ways to reduce it if indeed, it did bother you. I also came to the realisation during my research that I had actually not put enough oil in the unit, which accentuated the sound. Once I had put in the correct amount (20 – 25 drops of pure essential oil is recommended) this did significantly reduce the noise.

I feel that I was bothered by it only because I was making the switch from a slightly quieter ultrasonic diffuser, otherwise the sound wouldn’t have been quite as noticeable! I do recommend ensuring the unit is placed on a solid, flat and even surface for best insulation. Once I got used to using my new diffuser, the sound wasn’t an issue for me anymore!

This diffuser certainly packs a punch in terms of effectively dispersing the aroma around the home! My house was just filled with the incredible scent of my oils, much better than the ultrasonic diffuser I used to use in my living area (yes, this one has taken that unit’s place in my living room!) The controls are absurdly simple – there is a little dial on the ceramic base of the diffuser that allows you to adjust the operating strength, in a similar fashion as you would adjust the volume on a radio – Super easy! I especially loved the little touch sensor light switch on the base of the unit – once your diffuser is switched on, you can simply touch the sensor to switch the light on and off. All in all, I was extremely impressed with the controls – I have found in the past that some diffusers can be a little fiddly when it comes to adjusting the controls (simple once you figure them out but often a slight pain in the process!) so I was very pleasantly surprised! I had purchased an ultrasonic model as a gift for my parents a while ago and noticed they have trouble turning it on and adjusting the light so Organic Aroma’s diffuser has proved to be an excellent alternative (Hey mum! Looks like someone’s getting a shiny new diffuser for Christmas!)

Including an elegant white light, the unit looks absolutely incredible running in the evening. The glass fills with steam that is back lit in a brilliant white – Quite the showpiece! My only criticism here is that the light does stay on well after the unit has completed it’s cycle – I would have preferred it switch off automatically however, I do feel this is only a minor inconvenience (if that!) and is of course, more a matter of my own personal preference rather than a comment on the unit’s working ability. The aromatic element of the nebulizing diffuser does however, switch off automatically once the oils have been used up.

organic aromas review

The nebulizing diffuser’s cycle uses about 20 – 25 drops of your chosen essential oil and runs intermittently for around two hours – Essential Oil experts will tell you that inhaling essential oils only have therapeutic benefits for the first 30-60 minutes so this shorter cycle is great for those of us who use essential oils for their therapeutic qualities – an especially excellent solution for use at night time where you’d prefer the diffuser does not stay on all night!

I showed off my fabulous new diffuser at a recent gathering in my home. It was welcomed by a series of “Ooohs” and “Aaahhs!” as my guests huddled around it, absolutely gobsmacked that the darn thing didn’t need any water to run! We left it on for the evening, frequently commenting on how bloody relaxing it was to have it on as the beautiful aroma had wormed its way all through the house – It was brilliant!

To the good people at Organic Aromas, thank you very much for the opportunity to review your fantastic product – It’s definitely been a huge hit in my home and among my friends!

Organic Aromas offers FREE worldwide shipping for all orders over $30 – Click here to view their incredible collection of Nebulizing Diffusers and Essential Oils!


organic aromas review
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